Online Interview Tips

A while ago, online interviews were only conducted in exclusivity and a candidate had to fly in to have at least one or the final round of face to face interview before being confirmed.  

As the Pandemic Year rolls by, more and more interviews are getting conducted online and in fact, it is now the best and only viable solution. The need of social distancing and limited accessibility to offices and offices resources have engaged Human Resources Teams to get on the internet and conduct interviews over Zoom or Skype. In fact, let alone the interview process, the whole work environment is now evolving towards working efficiently from home and engaging in projects and assignments remotely.

As Companies and HR departments engage in full time online interviewing process, it is time for candidates to ready themselves and excel at online interviews. In order to help you crack that online interview and get placed with any company, we have prepared a few tips –

Make that First Impression :

Get dressed; prepare yourself, brush, bath and clean up, just as you would while going to attend that interview on a regular normal day for a face to face, in person round. Straighten your jacket and put on your colors.

The HR still need to see that dedication and that personality and the presentation, give them all of it. Let them know that you are a professional and you have every inclination of behaving and conducting yourself as a professional weather you are working from home, remotely or on site.

Ensure your webcam and microphone is all set :

 Now that you are all dressed up and ready to go, cheack and ensure your computer system and your software is working perfectly. You do not want a voice lag, an interrupted connection or a webcam not working situation – while you are all set to impress in that interview.

Prepare ahead and check that your laptop or desktop is working, check the webcams, check your microphone and your speakers, ensure you have a good internet connection and that you are sitting in a quiet setting of your home. While you set your laptop webcam, ensure that you are in the frame of the camera and have a decent background. Ensure that you have enough light on your face and that your face and frame is clearly visible. Check to see that your speakers and microphones are working perfectly and there is no static or background noise.

Minimize Distractions

Sit in  a quiet setting of your home, make sure there are no background noise. Close all other apps or pop ups notifications on your laptop. Ideally you should have only the webcam screen, zoom or Skype or whichever video conferencing platform you are using, open on your laptop – this will ensure that there is no interruptions or time lag in your video or voice during the interview.

During the Interview :

They used to tell you to make eye contact. Well now, look at the camera, this will make it look as though you are making that eye contact with your interviewer( without overwhelming him or her). Do not forget to smile, no matter how strained or stressed you might be at your first interview or rather first online interview, relax and smile.

If your speaker aint that great, use headphones. You should be able to hear and understand the interviewer’s questions or enquires and reply them properly, use the best option.

Keep a notepad handy.

And last but not the least, technology can be tricky and sometimes it cracks up when you least expect it or in the worst moment possible. Relax and make a joke, do not get obsessed with trying to fix something if it cannot be fixed, continue with the same composure and maintain your professionalism and let it shine through – online!