How To Write A Cover Letter

A good cover letter is as important as a good resume. A cover letter should highlight the position that you are applying for, and have summarized details mentioning your qualifications and accomplishments.

A cover letter should include the following:

  • The applicant’s address at the top right of the page
  • The recipient’s name and address below on the left
  • The date

On the left, write the salutations and begin the letter, Salutations and Valedictions are primary notes in a good cover letter. In case the name or gender of the person, you are addressing it to is not available, we can just write Dear Hiring Manager and get started.

Start off the letter explaining the position you are applying for and referring to the advertisement for the position. This should follow with the summarized details and highlights of your profile, your achievements and possibly a one liner on why you consider yourself suitable for the position you are applying for and what value you can add.

End the letter by thanking for considering you for the position and a note saying that you would wait to hear from them.

This should be followed by a sign off saying, ” with best regards” or similar choice of words.

Highlight and emphasize your expertise and skills, indicating why your skills qualify for the position. The cover letter should highlight your experience and should be able to bring you to the notice of the hiring manager and assert why you are suitable for the role.

While you talk about your skills and expertise, make sure that you do not sound like you are bragging. Maintain a professional tone and choice of words.

Also, ensure that the language and words of your cover letter is in sync with the Industry that you are applying for and can impress the Hiring Manager. For example, do not be too creative while applying to the Manufacturing Industry and again do not be too pale for the Advertising Company.

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