Working From Home!

They say this year is one great experiment of working from home, it has been several months when most of us have been working from home for the first time in our lives. And for most of us, it has been one of a kind of experience in its own way.

Some have young kids yelling and playing in the background, others have a surprised dog.

Quite a few companies have decided to keep their teams working from home indefinitely or until 2021. Workplaces all over the world want to ensure the safety of their employees and their families and bring the curve down with social distancing.

Some Companies are coming up with new ideas, new software, new systems and process to help employees work efficiently from their home environment. Meetings over Zoom, Skype and Google are almost a common trend at most work places.

Almost all of the Employees in the IT & ITeS industry will be working from home until 2021. New Allowances like “Work From Home Allowances” are introduced to help employees in the home offices and costs related to it.

With the introduction of new software, facilities and processes, slowly we are all getting more prepared to keep working from home effectively

1. Communication is the key

Everyone is aware that this is the new norm and most people are willing to help. Maintain communication with your team and your supercisors, ask questions, offer a helping hand, discuss your challenges and offer your suggestions.

Ensure that your team and your manager is aware of your activities. They cannot see you, do not assume and reach out, ask if you have a problem, keep your team and your manager posted of your work – at the same time do not over burden or over do.

Now of all times, it is very important to have a smooth flow of communication and planning.

2. Organizing & Tracking

As we are all working from home, it is very important that we are well organized, Have a dedicated seat or place to work from. Ensure that you have minimal distractions at your place of work. Maintain a work schedule, keep you desk clean.

Take your breaks.

Track your progress, keep a note of your tasks, make a to do list. Evaluate yourself and your daily productivity

3. Handling Stress

Working from Home can actually be more stressful for a lot of people. Like I mentioned above, it can be stressful and more hours of work than actual office hours.

Calls and Meetings over Skype and Zoom can get overwhelming.

In order to avoid burnouts, manage your break times and take regular breaks. Maintain a work schedule. Rejuvenate yourself

4. Make a Plan

The best way to have a smooth work day and a good work flow is to have a good plan.

And now, as you work from home – make a work plan around your home and family, plan your time with the kids, meal times, break time and any other time that you think your family needs.

Stay safe and be productive!

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